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Lila Glover Wants a Lover

This is the second book in my “Teapots & Tequila shots” series

Lila loves to have fun. Free and in her late forties she enjoys the thrill of dating younger men, no strings attached just plenty of good times. So why then has the dating scene lost its sparkle? The thrill has gone, and she would much rather have a night out with her girlfriends or a night in alone enjoying a good film and an even better bottle of wine.

Enter Seb, her dependable workmate who’s been patiently waiting in the wings, his affection for Lila evident to the world. To Lila, a relationship with Seb seems as likely as finding a calorie-free cream cake – his style is questionable, and he’s just too safe and dependable, a genuinely nice guy but maybe just too nice for Lila.

But then Seb does the unthinkable – he starts dating Lila’s sworn frenemy, who transforms him from a caterpillar into a butterfly. Suddenly Lila sees Seb in a whole new light. Has the window of opportunity now slammed shut, too late for Lila to make a move?

In this wickedly funny tale, love is a battlefield, and Lila is armed with determination, humour, and the willingness to break a few rules to find her happily ever after.

Lila Glover Wants a Lover ebook cover

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Playing with Fire &
Healing From The Burns

Audiobooks available

The “Playing with Fire” series are now available on Audible!

A Word From The Author

Thank you for visiting my site. I hope that you  enjoy the first book in my new series called “Teapots & Tequila Shots”. 

K L Crear
Author, cancer advocate and glam granny.

What Readers Are Saying

Here are a collection of reviews from people who have bought the books.

What a totally despicable man. Coleen is very brave to tell her story and the lies she was told. It affected every part of her life and her twin sister’s too. I would really like to find out what she did afterwards regarding her boy’s name and also how she got her finances sorted out. Maybe she doesn’t want HIM to find out.


Review on Playing with Fire


Wonderful book full of laughs and a great story. So glad I discovered Lottie Potts, she is going to be widely read I hope. Great characters, excellent writing.


Review on The Reinvention of Lottie Potts


Teapots & Tequila shots series

The “Teapots & Tequila Shots” series introduces readers to a lovable ensemble of vibrant and unapologetically imperfect women who navigate life’s twists and turns with humour and heart. Join this fiercely loyal group of friends as they rally together, one mug of tea or bottomless brunch at a time.

Amidst the uproarious laughter and heartfelt tears, these women prove that they’ve got each other’s backs, no matter what challenges come their way. In a world where comedy meets camaraderie, “Teapots & Tequila Shots” is a delightfully naughty series that celebrates the strength, resilience, and enduring bond of friendships that can weather any storm.

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