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The Reinvention of Lottie Potts

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The Reinvention of Lottie Potts
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Playing with Fire
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Evelyn Weaver is a Later Life Diva

Evelyn Weaver has lost her spark.  In fact, it has dimmed to a mere flicker. Her life is boring her senseless and she has taken to living vicariously through her soap operas. Her usual activities of the bridge club and supermarket shopping just aren’t cutting it anymore.

She may be in her seventies but is this really all there is? Must she just shuffle along for the remainder of her life in her fluffy slippers with knitting at hand.

Or could there be more? Could there be one final love affair waiting for her if only she dared to be brave enough?

Join Evelyn as she flips the script on her life completely. There are dating disasters, plenty of drama and surprising new friendships along the way.

In a tale that is both heartwarming and hilarious Evelyn proves that growing old is inevitable but thinking old, well that’s a choice. And sometimes life’s best chapters are still to be written.


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