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My Story

I always wanted to write. I remember as a child I would look forward to getting home from Middle School so that I could write my stories and get lost in my own little worlds. Sadly, as I grew older, I lost my courage to write, put my notebook away and there it remained for many decades.

After being diagnosed with cancer for a second time I knew if I was going to make my childhood dreams a reality, I would really need to get my skates on! Not literally of course as I have two left feet and could trip over my own shadow.

After writing the successful “Playing with Fire – the true story of Fireman Scam” with my twin sister, detailing a very difficult few years in our lives I knew writing was still what I really loved to do.

A children’s book I wrote at ten years of age is being faithfully recreated (some 40 years later) and is due to be published soon. I’m so excited by this, it will be amazing for children everywhere to get to know “Humphrey” after all these years.

The first novel in my “Teapots and Tequila shots” series is “The reinvention of Lottie Potts.” This series will concentrate on strong female friendships. Women in their thirties, forties and older encountering all the ups and downs of modern-day life. With plenty of tears, tequila, and cheeky humour along the way.

Two thirds of profits from the sales of “Lottie” will be donated to Great Ormond Street Hospital and Epilepsy Society.

Personal Life

My favourite thing is to spend time with my family and little grandson. I also enjoy reading, watching mindless “Real Housewives” shows on television, or listening to Radio 4. If I feel like being sociable and leaving the house (which I do every now and then) there’s nothing better than socialising with my fabulous girlfriends who keep me sane and well topped up on Sauvignon Blanc.

I live in County Durham with my husband and our eternally grumpy rescue cat. A more formidable feline you couldn’t wish to meet.   

I am keen to raise awareness of epilepsy and all cancer but particularly the very rare parathyroid cancer that I was diagnosed with after my initial kidney cancer diagnosis. 

“We had enjoyed plenty of lovely kisses, but I knew the next inevitable step would be sex. The thought of flashing an abundance of flesh was the stuff of my worst nightmares. I would happily watch a zombie marathon with Jacob every day of the week rather than drop my drawers in front of a new man. I had only ever been with Daniel. And he had never really shook my world, barely shook the headboard in truth. It had always been more lacklustre than lust filled.”

- Lottie Potts
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