I’m busy writing the third instalment in the “Teapots & Tequila Shots” series. It is the much anticpated “Evelyn Weaver is a Later Life Diva.”

It’s great fun to write about an older character. Just because we get older doesnt mean we lose our sense of fun or adventure and nor should we.

I am really looking forward to you meeting her sister Isadora (Dora). I had Miriam Margolyes in mind when I started to flesh out this character. She is tremendous fun with a fabulous sense of humour, a huge heart and she really doesnt give a flying f@ckĀ  what people think about her which makes for some very funny scenes. These prove to be excrutiating for her much more reserved and conservative sister Evelyn!

Lottie and Lila will also be back along with a few new characters, some which will make your toes curl (and not in a good way).

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